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Georgia’s Fund

Georgia was a brave, talented, beautiful little girl. She had a lovely smile which she wore through a whole lot of hardship. She was a great little cricketer, and she was mad about animals. Especially wolves. In October 2016 Georgia was taken away from her mum, dad and big brother, and they – and all of us in the family’s wider community – miss her terribly.

Georgia’s mum and dad have set up a fund in Georgia’s memory, which, as of what would have been Georgia’s 17th birthday in 2021, had raised around £200,000 to support research into better treatments for Neuroblastoma (through Children with Cancer UK and Neuroblastoma UK. A small portion will go to looking after wolves.

Cricket can look after itself.

The good news is that the fund is now formally registered as a charitable fund (UK charity no. 1099682), so is eligible for gift aid and all that jazz.

You can now donate easily by clicking right here.