Maple, Maple et Cie

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The culture and history of the Cayman Islands

A JC special apocryphal exposition

Important disclaimer: The author has never been to the Cayman Islands, and he’s hardly going to get an invitation now. There is, therefore, much fantastical speculation in this article and you should assume it is, at the very least, mostly false.

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Parisian delicatessen specialising in high-end chocolat, founded in the roaring twenties by Godfrey de Frou-Frou Maple and Maginot de Vere Maple. The business transmogrified when, during a trip to the new world to expand their sources of cacao, the Maple brothers were shipwrecked off the coast of Grand Cayman in 1891. There they met amateur naturalist and Tramadol addict A. J. N. Calder, with whom they formed a joint venure, bought an orphanage of Old Man Ugland, the great benefactor of George Town, diversified into legal practice, and the rest, they say is l’histoire.

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