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The anthropology of the office™

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The JC puts on his pith-helmet, grabs his butterfly net and a rucksack full of marmalade sandwiches, and heads into the concrete jungle

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Rider /ˈrʌɪdə/ (n.)
1. (Legal eaglery): To insert a tract of utter pedantry by means of a whole new piece of paper, titled “Rider A” since, in your dyspraxic scrawl, it is too verbose to fit into the margin of the page in which the mark-up opportunity appears. In our digital age, the rider is perhaps now a bygone artefact. When, in the good old days, lawyers negotiated by marking-up draft contracts in handwriting, the rider was the “last” resort, and also a badge of honour. You fax over a whole page of calculation agent dispute fall-backs, or whatever other iatrogenic nonsense it may have occurred to you to interpose into an innocent legal agreement. Such fun.
2. (Biblical): One of those symbolic shadowy horsemen who portend the apocalypse.
3. (Decadent): The pre-ordained list of stuff that must be laid on for those louche rockers Dangerboy when they headline at Knebworth which shall not include brown M&Ms.
4. (Decadent): ~ of the Storm. A pop song by The Doors.[1] that sounds super tough when mashed up with Bondie’s Rapture.[2]

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