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[[File:Olly B.jpg|400px|thumb|right|The JC yesterday]]
{{who is the JC}}
Well, the missus says I should at least own up to who I am, so here I am. The name is Olly Buxton. Interests, if they're not obvious, from this wiki, are financial services law, guitars, cricket, books and mountains. As well as this wiki I've  practised law in NZ and the UK for 27 years, put in a stretch as a film and book reviewer — which I was pretty good at, as you will see from my [ fan mail] — written a couple of books (the first one, under the pen name [[Hunter Barkley]]), you can buy from Amazon), released an album of angsty rock music ([[Dangerboy]], played in the same cool band, [[Supercheese]] for longer than either the Beatles or Led Zeppelin managed), and drunk a ''lot'' of wine, all while supporting my super-talented missus — whom I will spare the ignominy of naming — but she is a world-famous<ref>In our house, anyway.</ref> bridge player, a great artist and the best mum in the world.
The Jolly Contrarian wiki started out life in 2012, then called AmwellClear, as a way of helping this poor soul remember the difference between {{isdaprov|Loss}}, {{isdaprov|Market Quotation}}s, {{isdaprov|Close Out Amount}}s and {{isdaprov|Unpaid Amount}}s and just kept growing. 
Hit me up on LinkedIn, or at [ at the mailbox]

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