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The anthropology of the office™

The founding partner of S&C feeding on the soul of a vampire squid yesterday.[1]

The JC puts on his pith-helmet, grabs his butterfly net and a rucksack full of marmalade sandwiches, and heads into the concrete jungle

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Important disclaimer: Sullivan and Cromwell is a celebrated Manhattan firm of US Attorneys. It isn’t really a disguised coven of vampires and its relationship with prominent Wall Street brokerage firms has no supernatural aspect of any kind and you are quite safe visiting its premises without traditional anti-vampire accoutrements. [2]

Sullivan and Cromwell is an eternal succubus,[1] famously thrown out of heaven with Beelzebub in Milton’s Paradise Lost.[1] Its partners are immortal,[1] cannot tolerate sunlight[1] and have an age-old, iron grip on frozen heart of the legal department of Goldman Sachs.[1]

To be safe, a well-prepared visitor to 125 Broad Street should take holy water,[1] garlic,[1] crucifixes[1] and ideally Gregory Peck[1] (but failing him, at least have Tubular Bells on the Walkman).[1] The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank[1].

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