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Article 11. Adjustments and Modifications Affecting Indices, Shares and Transactions
Section 11.1 Adjustments to Indices

11.1(a) (Successor Indices)
11.1(b) (Index Adjustment Events)
11.1(b)(A) (Calculation Agent Adjustment (Adjustment Events))
11.1(b)(B) (Negotiated Close-out (Adjustment Events))
11.1(b)(C) (Cancellation and Payment (Adjustment Events))

Section 11.2. Adjustments to Share Transactions and Share Basket Transactions

11.2(a). Method of Adjustment
11.2(b). Options Exchange Adjustment
11.2(c). Calculation Agent Adjustment
11.2(d). Options Exchange
11.2(e). Potential Adjustment Event

Section 11.3. Adjustments to Certain Share Transactions and Share Basket Transactions in European Currencies
Section 11.4. Correction of Share Prices and Index Levels

If I didn’t know them any better, I would say this is ISDA’s crack drafting squad™ in “I’ve just ended an unhappy love affair and I’m in a bad mood so you can damn well suffer, too” mood. Certainly reads like the writing of someone who has it in for the human race. Note there are cancellation options here, but also, independently, cancellation options for Index Adjustment Events in the Extraordinary Events selection. Why were these separated like this? For the sheer devil of it, most likely.