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6. Holding and Using Posted Collateral (VM)

Template:Nutshell 2016 NY CSA 6(a) Template:Nutshell 2016 NY CSA 6(b) 6(c) Use of Posted Collateral (VM). Unless otherwise agreed specified in Paragraph 13 and without limiting the parties’ rights and obligations (especially remedies under Paragraph 8), while the Secured Party is not effectively in default, it may, notwithstanding Section 9-207 of the Uniform Commercial Code;

6(c)(i) Rehypothecate: rehypothecate, sell outright or otherwise deal with any Posted Collateral (VM) it holds absolutely; and
6(c)(ii) Register: register Posted Collateral (VM) in its own or its Custodian (VM)’s name.

References to Transfering Eligible Credit Support (VM) or Posted Credit Support (VM) under this 2016 NY Law VM CSA will be construed to apply as if the Secured Party still holds all Posted Collateral (VM) even where in fact it doesn’t.
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