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If you wanted to follow the trail of breadcrumbs from your current position, in the dismal Shires of workaday inhouse practice, to the source of the great river of broken dreams and defeated aspirations that is legaltech implementation, we humbly suggest here is a good place to start.

For however distressing it may be to receive a summons to the staff partner’s office, only to find her beaming from ear-to-ear, with a big fat file in her out-tray, it is surely worse to receive an automatically generated email, anonymously sent from the maw of the super-machine, mutely assigning responsibility for quotidian tasks by machine.

Remember the Eagle Squad refrain.

Eagle Squad.png

We are the commandos of Eagle Squad. We shall not be tethered to the great steampunk machine. It shall not have dominion over us. Eagle Squad is ... ineffable.

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