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A hired gun. A freedom-fighter. A soldier of fortune. A fresh pair of hands you bring into the organisation for a temporary period to do the work that was done by all your subject matter experts until you made them redundant in a short-sighted cost-cutting measure manage short-term demand overload or specific business change projects.

Know this: while employees may be sleepy, intransigent, institutionalised and stubbornly invested in doing pointless things they way they have always done them, at least they have some skin in the game, and some interest in the ongoing performance of the firm, and making the working environment more tolerable. Contractors will not care less — and nor should they — you have engaged them on the precise terms that you expect them to clear off on a month’s notice at any time.

And being institutionalised isn’t entirely a bad thing, it it means you have acquired some institutional knowledge which, for all its promise, reg tech hasn’t yet managed[1] to capture in a chatbot-led collaborative platform.

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  1. And never will manage.