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“An opinion is just an onion with a pi in it.”

A stroll through the brambles, taking in law, management, philosophy, language, technology, cricket and high finance. Like a good alluvial fan, everything is silting up nicely and there are now 2,813 articles in this wiki.

What’s in here

Anatomies: Clause-by-clause Anatomy and nutshell guides (hit the bar on the left) to ISDA Master Agreement and other master trading agreements. These may be incomplete, out of date, out of touch, flippant — well, they are flippant — but will still be better value and more entertaining than that awful FT book about derivatives;
Book reviews culled from twenty indolent years sounding off on Amazon;
Much flippancy about plain English, buzzwords, flannel, Latin, Greek, metaphor and eggs.

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What’s new

New Anatomy™ guides: Pledge GMSLA | Negotiation | Conference calls
And, as the case may be, or: Is that a slash I see before me?