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You may be interested in our general view about disclaimers, here. A few things: firstly this site is, as you may have noticed, free, it costs me to maintain it, I don’t make any money from it (yet — if I could figure out how to, I would), so if you think it is anyone’s fault but your own if you rely on it to your cost, you really haven’t understood a thing.


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  • Mine: well, I’d be a bit of an arse if I got all heavy about copyright, given what I have to say about other people exploiting it, but I did make all this stuff up, so (a) if you find the site valuable, tell your friends — the more people who use it the more chance I have of making something out of it one day — and (b) if you want to reproduce or use material here you have found on here that you like, it would only be cricket to credit the site, with a link. If you use my material for commercial purposes I think it would be sporting of you to make a donation to Georgia’s Fund, don’t you?
  • Yours: If you see something on here that you think is your copyright or intellectual property, let me know. This is most likely going to be images. I harvest these from the internet, wherever I can find them. I am more than happy to acknowledge, link back and so on, but I am not paying any royalties, so if that’s a problem, basically it’s your problem, since your image is already out there on the internet where I found it, but I’ll do my part by taking your image down. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

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