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Joan Armatrading out looking for work yesterday.

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Isn’t it odd how the only time you encounter the expression “proven track record” is on a CV, and the only people who have any use for CVs are looking for work, and if you are looking for work it suggests either you don’t currently have any, or you aren’t enormously enjoying what you’ve got?

Now this points up an anomaly, or possibly even a paradox, for you would think employers would look after people with proven track records. So who are these misunderstood people? How has the commercial world so badly mis-measured them?

And to you, silent heroes all, with your proven but yet disregarded track records: Take comfort — for, as the JC likes to say, comfort is a dish best served cold — in the old saw: the market can stay irrational a lot longer than you can stay gainfully employed.

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