Primum tolle crusta

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primum tolle crusta
/ˈpriːməm tɒleɪ krʊstɑː/ (adage.)

“First, cut out the pies.”

A pithy, home-baked Latin adage: before you engage a legal process outsourcer, document assembly chatbot or neural network to intelligently automate your legal process, first, cut out the pies.

Simplify the process. Simplify the document. Get rid of unnecessary escalations. Remove over-engineering. Remove unnecessary optionality. Lead your sacred cows out of the barn door, bolt it behind them and set them free.

First, remove waste. Then automate. If you still need to. Odds are, you won’t: if you did a good enough job on the pies you might find you don’t need the stupid tech.

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