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2007 EFET General Agreement
Version 2.1(a) (Power)

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Allowance in all its glory

Allowance means an allowance to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide (C02) equivalent during a specified period, or such other type of unit as may be recognised as, valid for the purposes of meeting the requirements of applicable law and the relevant Emissions Trading Scheme on the Delivery Date, including, without limitation, for the purpose of meeting emissions’ related commitment obligations under the EU ETS;


See our natty emissions comparison table between the IETA, EFET and ISDA versions of emissions trading docs

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The definition of Allowance is more or less the same in all three emissions trading documentation regimes. Compare:
ISDA: Allowance
IETA: Allowance
EFET: Allowance



Well — not quite the same. The IETA, which in most other regards falls over itself to be more verbose, is positively terse in comparison with the ISDA and EFET Annex, never getting into the weeds of how many tonnes of carbon dioxide an allowance entitles one to emit, or anything like that. Perhaps it is future-proofing itself. Time will tell: the proof of the pudding is in, well, the future.

The EFET and the ISDA allow themselves some successor protection through their “such other type of unit as may be recognised as, valid for the purposes of meeting the requirements of applicable law” so we don’t suppose anything much turns on it. But it would be fun, one day, if it did.

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