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2007 EFET General Agreement
Version 2.1(a) (Power)

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I. General Terms

§ 1 Subject of Allowances Appendix
§ 2 Definitions and Construction
§ 3 Concluding and Confirming Allowance Transactions
§ 4 Primary Obligations for Delivery and Acceptance of Allowances

§ 4.1 Delivery, Acceptance and Scheduling Obligations
§ 4.2 Definition of Schedule
§ 4.3 Physical Settlement Netting
§ 4.4 Payment for Allowances

§ 5 Primary Obligations for Options (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 6 Delivery, Measurement, Transfer and Risk
§ 7 Non-Performance Due to Force Majeure and Suspension Event
§ 8 Remedies for Failure to Transfer or Accept
§ 9 Suspension of Delivery (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 10 Term and Termination Rights
§ 11 Calculation of the Termination Amount
§ 12 Limitation of Liability
§ 13 Invoicing and Payment
§ 14 VAT and Taxes
§ 15 Floating Prices and Fallback Procedure for Market Disruption (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 16 Guarantees and Credit Support (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 17 Performance Assurance (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 18 Provision of Financial Statements and Tangible Net Worth (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 19 Assignment (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 20 Confidentiality (as per EFET General Agreement)
§ 21 Representation and Warranties
§ 22 Governing Law and Arbitration
Annex 1 Defined Terms
Administrator Event
Affected Allowance
Aircraft Operator
Allowances Appendix
Allowance Type
Allowances Termination Amount
Allowance Transaction
Applicable Rule(s)
Appropriate Source
Central Administrator
Compliance Period
Compliance Year
Contract Price
Contract Quantity
Cost of Carry Amount
Cost of Carry Calculation Period
Cost of Carry Rate
Default Cost of Carry Amount
Default Cost of Carry Calculation Period
Default Cost of Carry Rate
Delayed Delivery Date
Delivery Business Day
Delivered Quantity
Delivery Date
Delivery Point
Delivery Schedule
Encumbrance Loss Amount
End of Phase Reconciliation Deadline
Emissions Trading Scheme(s
EU ETS Directive
EUTL or European Union Transaction Log
Excess Emissions Penalty or EEP
Excess Emissions Penalty Equivalent or EEP Equivalent
Fourth Compliance Period
Holding Account
Index Cessation Effective Date
Index Cessation Event
Long Stop Date
Member State
National Administrator
Negotiation Period
New Tax
Non-Member State
Non-Taxed Party
Original Affected Party
Other Tax
Participating Agreement
Paying Party
Payment Cycle
Physical Settlement Netting Accounts
Receiving Party
Reconciliation Deadline
Registries Regulation
Registry Operation
Relevant Authority
Relevant Registry
SE Affected Party
SE Affected Transaction
Suspension Event
TARGET Settlement Day
Taxed Party
Third Compliance Period
Total Contract Price
Transfer Point
Unauthorised Transfer
Undelivered EEP Amount or UEA
Union Registry
Unpaid Amounts
Value Added Tax or VAT

II: Elections for customization of provisions in the Allowances Appendix

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