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2002 ISDA Equity Derivatives Definitions

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6.4 in all its glory

Section 6.4. Disrupted Day. “Disrupted Day” means any Scheduled Trading Day on which a relevant Exchange or any Related Exchange fails to open for trading during its regular trading session or on which a Market Disruption Event has occurred. The Calculation Agent shall as soon as reasonably practicable under the circumstances notify the parties or other party, as the case may be, of the occurrence of a Disrupted Day on any day that, but for the occurrence of a Disrupted Day, would have been an Averaging Date, a Valuation Date, a Potential Exercise Date, a Knock-in Determination Day, a Knock-out Determination Day or an Expiration Date. Without limiting the obligation of the Calculation Agent to notify the parties as set forth in the preceding sentence, failure by the Calculation Agent to notify the parties of the occurrence of a Disrupted Day shall not affect the validity of the occurrence and effect of such Disrupted Day on any Transaction.

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Article 6. Valuation

Section 6.1. Valuation Time
Section 6.2. Valuation Date
Section 6.3. General Terms Relating to Market Disruption Events

6.3(a) Market Disruption Event
6.3(b) Trading Disruption
6.3(c) Exchange Disruption
6.3(d) Early Closure

Section 6.4. Disrupted Day
Section 6.5. Scheduled Valuation Date
Section 6.6. Consequences of Disrupted Days
Section 6.7. Averaging

6.7(a). Averaging Date
6.7(b). Settlement Price and Final Price
6.7(c). Averaging Date Disruption
6.7(d). Adjustments of the Exchange-traded Contract
6.7(e). Adjustments to Indices (Averaging)

Section 6.8. Futures Price Valuation

6.8(a) Valuation Date (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(b) Additional definitions (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(c) Settlement Price and Final Price (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(d) Adjustments of the Exchange-traded Contract (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(e) Non-Commencement or Discontinuance of the Exchange-traded Contract
6.8(f) Corrections of the Official Settlement Price



Equity derivatives, being a delta-one product provided by swap dealers on the presumption that they take no market risk and hedge out all risks in the physical market, depends on the venues for that physical market being open as usual, and throughout the trading session (especially where Transactions are priced on volume-weighted average prices.

An Exchange, therefore, being such a place, can really bugger things up for the market if it is unexpectedly not operating at any time an equity derivative needs to be hedged — given the way swap dealers hedge their delta-one books, on a macro basis across the portfolio, that means every day).

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