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2002 ISDA Equity Derivatives Definitions
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Section 6.5 in a Nutshell

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6.5. “Scheduled Valuation Date” means any date that, had it not been a Disrupted Day, would have been a Valuation Date (i.e., ignoring any postponement on account of a disruption).

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Section 6.5. Scheduled Valuation Date. “Scheduled Valuation Date” means any original date that, but for the occurrence of an event causing a Disrupted Day, would have been a Valuation Date (ignoring for the purposes of this Section 6.5 any postponement of the Potential Exercise Date or Expiration Date as a result of the occurrence of a Disrupted Day and assuming that the original Potential Exercise Date or original Expiration Date, as the case may be, would have been a Valuation Date).

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Article 6. Valuation

Section 6.1. Valuation Time
Section 6.2. Valuation Date
Section 6.3. General Terms Relating to Market Disruption Events

6.3(a) Market Disruption Event
6.3(b) Trading Disruption
6.3(c) Exchange Disruption
6.3(d) Early Closure

Section 6.4. Disrupted Day
Section 6.5. Scheduled Valuation Date
Section 6.6. Consequences of Disrupted Days
Section 6.7. Averaging

6.7(a). Averaging Date
6.7(b). Settlement Price and Final Price
6.7(c). Averaging Date Disruption
6.7(d). Adjustments of the Exchange-traded Contract
6.7(e). Adjustments to Indices (Averaging)

Section 6.8. Futures Price Valuation

6.8(a) Valuation Date (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(b) Additional definitions (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(c) Settlement Price and Final Price (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(d) Adjustments of the Exchange-traded Contract (Futures Price Valuation)
6.8(e) Non-Commencement or Discontinuance of the Exchange-traded Contract
6.8(f) Corrections of the Official Settlement Price



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