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2000 Global Master Securities Lending Agreement
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Clause 9.3 in full

9.3 Failure by either Party to redeliver

This provision applies in the event that a Party (the Transferor) fails to meet a redelivery obligation within the standard settlement time for the asset concerned on the exchange or in the clearing organisation through which the asset equivalent to the asset concerned was originally delivered or within such other period as may be agreed between the Parties. In such situation, in addition to the Parties’ rights under the general law and this Agreement where the other Party (the Transferee) incurs interest, overdraft or similar costs and expenses the Transferor agrees to pay on demand and hold harmless the Transferee with respect to all such costs and expenses which arise directly from such failure excluding (i) such costs and expenses which arise from the negligence or wilful default of the Transferee and (ii) any indirect or consequential losses. It is agreed by the Parties that any costs reasonably and properly incurred by a Party arising in respect of the failure of a Party to meet its obligations under a transaction to sell or deliver securities resulting from the failure of the Transferor to fulfil its redelivery obligations is to be treated as a direct cost or expense for the purposes of this paragraph.
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