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The mild-mannered penry, in his day-job as acting deputy associate general assistant at Wickliffe Hampton Securites Inc.

Well, after ten years I my spouse told me I should at least own up to who I am, but bugger that: you may know me as Mild-mannered Penry. I am second in charge of checking that the firm’s name is spelled correctly on the football team at Wickliffe Hampton Securities Inc., London Branch, and I have fifteen years’ experience negotiating all kinds of boilerplate.

The Jolly Contrarian started out life in 2012, as “AmwellClear”, as a fun way way of remembering the difference between Loss, Market Quotations, Close Out Amounts and Unpaid Amounts and just kept growing.

SEO folk: before you write to offer tips on how to differentiate the JC from its competition, remember: when you write satire about derivatives THERE IS NO GODDAMN COMPETITION.