CDO squared

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Top Trumps®
Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction®

CDO squared.png

CDO squared
Strap on the asbestos, lads, we’re going in.

Docs indentures, red herrings, 10b-5s, the works! 10
Amendability Zilch. Oh, the trustee might agree amendments for you, you say? HAHAHAHAHA 10
Collateral Shonky CDOs the manager couldn’t get out of the warehouse. And you just wrote a put on them. 8
Transferability Theoretically high. Practically nil. No-one wants your toxic waste, senator. 6
Leverage All the leverage you could want, and more. Especially in the junior tranches. 8
Fright-o-meter All-out superpower confrontation. Straight-up toxic waste. 11

So good.