2018 ISDA Credit Support Deed for Initial Margin

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2018 ISDA Credit Support Deed for Initial Margin Anatomy

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I can’t even bear it but I fear I am going to have to go down this rabbit hole in the space-tedium continuum, aren’t I. I mean, really? At my age?

1. Interpretation
1(a) Definitions and Inconsistency
1(b) Secured Party and Chargor
1(c) Scope of this Deed
1(d) Amendment Effective Date (IM)

2. Security
2(a) Covenant to Perform
2(b) Security (2(b))
2(c) Restriction on Dealings
2(d) Release of Security
2(e) Preservation of Security
2(f) Waiver of Defences
2(g) Immediate Recourse
2(h) Reinstatement

3. Credit Support Obligations
3(a) Delivery Amount (IM)
3(b) Return Amount (IM)
3(c) Margin Amount (IM); Margin Amount (IA); Margin Approach

4. Conditions Precedent, Transfers, Timing, Calculations and Substitutions
4(a) Conditions Precedent
4(b) Means of Transfer
4(c) Transfer Timing
4(d) Calculations
4(e) Substitutions

5. Dispute Resolution
5(a) Disputed Calculations of Valuations
5(b) No Event of Default

6. Custody Arrangements and the Control Agreement
6(a) General
6(b) Custodian (IM) Risk
6(c) No Use of Posted Credit Support (IM)
6(d) No Offset
6(e) Distributions and Interest Amount

7. Default

8. Certain Rights and Remedies
8(a) Secured Party’s Rights and Remedies
8(b) Chargor’s Rights and Remedies
8(c) Deficiencies and Excess Proceeds
8(d) Final Returns

9. Representations

10. Expenses
10(a) General
10(b) Posted Credit Support (IM)
10(c) Liquidation/Application of Posted Credit Support (IM)

11. Other Provisions
11(a) Default Interest
11(b) Further Assurances
11(c) Further Protection
11(d) Good Faith and Commercially Reasonable Manner
11(e) Demands and Notices
11(f) Specifications of Certain Matters
11(g) Governing Law and Jurisdiction
11(h) Service of Process
11(i) Third Party Rights
11(j) Interpretation

12. Definitions
Allocated Margin Flow (IM/IA) Approach
Amendment Effective Date (IM)
Appropriation Value
Assigned Rights
Base Currency
Base Currency Equivalent
Other Currency
Calcuation Agent (IM)
Calculation Date (IM)
Calculation Date Location (IM)
Calculation Time (IM)
Chargor Access Notice
Chargor Rights Event
Control Agreement
Covered Transactions (IM)
Credit Support Amount (IM)
Custodian Event
Custodian (IM)
Delivery Amount (IM)
Disputing Party
Distinct Margin Flow (IM) Approach
Eligible Credit Support (IM)
Eligible Currency
Exercising Party
FX Haircut percentage
Greater of Margin Flow (IM/IA) Approach
Local Business Day
Margin Amount (IA)
Margin Amount (IM)
Margin Approach
Minimum Transfer Amount (IM)
Notification Time
Original Credit Support (IM)
Other CSA
Posted Credit Support (IM)
Recalculation Date
Regular Settlement Day
Resolution Time
Return Amount (IM)
Secured Party
Secured Party Rights Event
Security Assets
Security Interest
Segregated Account
Specified Condition
Substitute Credit Support (IM)
Substitution Date
Substitution Notice
Threshold (IM)
Valuation Percentage