Space-time continuum

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“Ricky, listen, maybe, maybe death wasn’t the right word, I meant you know, he's still here, Ricky, he’s still here, he still exists in the space-time continuum. The way it works is like when he’s ceased to be, he actually turned into a different type of energy — space-time continuum — and the way the universe up there, the black holes and everything, they wrap around, there’s string theory, that can prove that different things, that he can live here in the space-time continuum, I mean that’s how the universe works, Ricky, black holes and thermodynamics can fold over time space like that so he’s actually still, existing.”

—Bubbles explains why Ricky’s goldfish, Orangie, is really just in another dimension, Trailer Park Boys Season 8

It is amazing how often one can bring astrophysical metaphors to bear on the problems of life in a large multinational organisation. Not to be confused with the space-tedium continuum, which is not a metaphor but the very real geometry of modern office life.

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