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#redirect[[NY VM CSA Anatomy]]
=={{1994csa}} Terms==
*Para 1 {{nycsaprov|Interpretation}}
*Para 2 {{nycsaprov|Security Interest}}
*Para 3 {{nycsaprov|Credit Support Obligations}}
**Para 3(a) {{nycsaprov|Delivery Amount}}
**Para 3(b) {{nycsaprov|Return Amount}}
*Para 4 {{nycsaprov|Conditions Precedent, Transfer Timing, Calculations and Subsititions}}
**Para 4(a) {{nycsaprov|Conditions Precedent}}
**Para 4(b) {{nycsaprov|Transfer Timing}}
**Para 4(b) {{nycsaprov|Calculations}}
**Para 4(c) {{nycsaprov|Substitutions}}
*Para 5 {{nycsaprov|Dispute Resolution}}
*Para 6 {{nycsaprov|Holding and Using Posted Collateral}}
**Para 6(a) {{nycsaprov|Care of Posted Collateral}}
**Para 6(b) {{nycsaprov|Eligibility to Hold Posted Collateral; Custodians}}
**Para 6(c) {{nycsaprov|Use of Posted Collateral}}
**Para 6(c) {{nycsaprov|Distributions and Interest Amount}}
*Para 7 {{nycsaprov|Events of Default}}
*Para 8 {{nycsaprov|Certain Rights and Remedies}}
*Para 9 {{nycsaprov|Representation}}
*Para 10 {{nycsaprov|Expenses}}
*Para 9 {{nycsaprov|Miscellaneous}}
**Para 11(a) {{nycsaprov|Default Interest}}
**Para 11(b) {{nycsaprov|Further Assurances}}
**Para 11(c) {{nycsaprov|Further Protection}}
**Para 11(d) {{nycsaprov|Good Faith and Commercially Reasonable Manner}}
**Para 11(e) {{nycsaprov|Demands and Notices}}
**Para 11(f) {{nycsaprov|Specifications of Certain Matters}}
*Para 12 {{nycsaprov|Definitions}}
*Para 13 {{nycsaprov|Elections and Variables}}

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