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“(iii) thirdly, pari passu, in payment of: (A) any amounts owing to the Futures Broker under the terms of the Brokerage Agreement and relating to this Series; (B) any amounts owing to the EUA Custodian for reimbursement in respect of (I) payments properly made by it in accordance with the terms of the EUA Custody Agreement relating to sums receivable on or in respect of the relevant Mortgaged Property; and/or (II) costs or expenses incurred by the EUA Custodian in the circumstances described in clause 8 (Fees and Expenses) of the EUA Custody Agreement; (C) any amounts owing to the Issuing and Paying Agent for reimbursement in respect of payments properly made by it in accordance with the terms of the Agency Agreement to any person in discharge of a Secured Payment Obligation; (D) any amounts owing to the Settlement Agent in accordance with the terms of the Agency Agreement; and (E) any fees, costs, charges, expenses and liabilities then due and payable to the Agents and the Corporate Service Provider under the Agency Agreement and the Corporate Services Agreement, respectively (except for the payment or satisfaction of the Disposal Agent Fees (if any), Calculation Agent Fees (if any) and/or Collateral Manager Fees (if any)) and any other regulatory, administrative or operational expenses, pecuniary sanctions, claims or charges due and owing by the Issuer including to its auditors or legal advisors or to any regulatory authority, exchange or any bank or trading account providers or brokers (including, if applicable, any anticipated winding-up costs of the Issuer); (iv) fourthly, pari passu, in payment or satisfaction of the Disposal Agent Fees (if any), Calculation Agent Fees (if any) and/or Collateral Manager Fees (if any);”.

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subchapter|5(a)(v)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(a)(vi)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(a)(vii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(a)(viii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)(i)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)(ii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)(iii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)(iv)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)(v)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(b)(vi)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(c)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(d)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|5(e)}} {{2002 isda book chapter|6}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(a)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(b)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(b)(i)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(b)(ii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(b)(iii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(b)(iv)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(c)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(d)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(e)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(e)(i)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(e)(ii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(e)(iii)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(e)(iv)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(e)(v)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|6(f)}} {{2002 isda book chapter|7}} {{2002 isda book chapter|8}} {{2002 isda book chapter|9}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(a)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(b)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(c)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(d)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(e)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(f)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(g)}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|9(h)}} {{2002 isda book chapter|10}} {{2002 isda book chapter|11}} {{2002 isda book chapter|12}} {{2002 isda book chapter|13}} {{2002 isda book chapter|14}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Additional Representation}}}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Additional Termination Event}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Affected Party}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Affected Transactions}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Affiliate}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Agreement}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Applicable Close-out Rate}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Applicable Deferral Rate}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Automatic Early Termination}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Burdened Party}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Change in Tax Law}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Close-out Amount}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Confirmation}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|consent}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Contractual Currency}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Convention Court}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Credit Event Upon Merger}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Credit Support Document}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Credit Support Provider}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Cross-Default}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Defaulting Party}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Designated Event}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Determining Party}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Early Termination Amount}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Early Termination Date}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|electronic messages}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|English law}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Event of Default}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Force Majeure Event}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|General Business Day}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Illegality}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Indemnifiable Tax}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|law}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Local Business Day}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Local Delivery Day}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Master Agreement}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Merger Without Assumption}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Multiple Transaction Payment Netting}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Non-affected Party}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Non-default Rate}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Non-defaulting Party}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Office}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Other Amounts}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Payee}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Payer}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Potential Event of Default}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Proceedings}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Process Agent}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|rate of exchange}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Reference Market-makers}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Relevant Jurisdiction}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Schedule}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Scheduled Settlement Date}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Set-off}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Specified Entity}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Specified Indebtedness}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Specified Transaction}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Stamp Tax}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Stamp Tax Jurisdiction}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Tax}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Tax Event}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Tax Event Upon Merger}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Terminated Transactions}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Termination Currency}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Termination Currency Equivalent}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Termination Event}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Termination Rate}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Threshold Amount}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Transaction}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Unpaid Amounts}} {{2002 isda book subchapter|Waiting Period}}