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At any time”, and its fussier elaboration, “at any time and from time to time” is the legal eagle’s equivalent of the seven year old’s yen for infinite particularity manifested when writing a letter to his[1] grandma and addressing it like this:

Grandma Contrarian,

24 Argumentative Road
Essex EX4 5FU
United Kingdom
The World,
The Solar System,
The Western Arm, Milky Way
The Local Group,
The Virgo Supercluster,
The Pisces–Cetus Supercluster Complex,
The Observable Universe,
The Whole Universe including the unseen bits including all forms of Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy,
The Multiverse[2]


  1. Yes, this was one seven-year-old in particular.
  2. Ok I am making this up clearly the (preposterous) cosmological hypothetical on which this relies was not widely known in the 1970s and certainly wouldn't have been known to a seven year old,