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The JC sounds off on Management

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You all know how the JC feels about awards, but there are some fields of human endeavour it would be wrong to not recognise. Such as bureaucracy. So, from time to time we’ll include — under cloak of anonymity, for it is axiomatic that no bureaucrat does what she does for personal vainglory, but purely out of a full-blooded and plausibly deniable commitment to the rigorous, orderly and fully auditable machination of human activity, and in the service of vanquishing mortal caprice — some recognition of bureaucratic excellence.

  • In light of the ongoing COVID 19 situation and as required by newly updated and promulgated Policy QAX-56PG-2020.9708 (Business Continuity in the face of Pandemic, War, Invasion or Civil Unrest) we include our evacuation plans for our premises in the city of London. Under the policy all employees are required to print out this policy and keep it at home. Employees are reminded of Policy FGA-5THG-2020.9348 (Sensitive Internal Communications) under which employees may not remove sensitive documents from Firm Premises, and may not forward sensitive content to personal email addresses nor print on non-approved printing servers.
Special commendation for requiring staff to print a document on a printer they cannot access, and take it to a place they are not allowed to have it, which informs them of how to safely leave a building they are not allowed to visit.

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