Comply With Laws - 1992 ISDA Provision

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1992 ISDA Master Agreement
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Section 4(c) in a Nutshell

Use at your own risk, campers!
4(c) Comply with Laws. It will comply with all applicable laws if not doing so would materially impair its performance of this Agreement or any Credit Support Document.

Full text of Section 4(c)

4(c) Comply with Laws. It will comply in all material respects with all applicable laws and orders to which it may be subject if failure so to comply would materially impair its ability to perform its obligations under this Agreement or any Credit Support Document to which it is a party.

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Content and comparisons

Section 4(c) represents another impeachable outing for the 1992 all-star line-up of ISDA’s crack drafting squad™. Their successors, a decade down the line, couldn’t see any way to improve on their work. The two versions are thus the same.




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