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One of ISDA’s vaunted netting categories. The one you really hope your counterparty falls into, since it’s the easiest.

Corporation: A legal entity that is organized as a corporation or company rather than a partnership, is engaged in industrial and/or commercial activities and does not fall within one of the other categories in this Appendix B.
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Njote that specialist corporations, that count as corporations but also count as recognised specialist entity types in the jurisdiction — for example Bank/Credit Institutions, broker-dealers, pension funds and insurance companies, should be treated as those specialist entity types and not corporations, for the very good reason that there are usually special regimes, (eg bank resolution and recovery regulations, insurance protection regimes and so on) and so on that apply to them that don’t apply to normal corporations.

Note also that hedge fund/proprietary trader looks like one of these specialist corporations, too, but (unlike banks, brokers and insurance companies), there are very few jurisdictions that have a specialist insolvency regime for hedge funds or proprietary traders — these are not terms of prudential art, so to speak, but just casual descriptions — so the hedge fund/proprietary trader category is usually a red herring and you can ignore it.

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