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Towards more picturesque speech

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TRIAGO: Milady! With all due and payable respect, and interest accrued thereon
I wouldst be inclined to be supportive of dissent —
QUEEN: O, exasperating vapours! Whatever doth he mean?
HERCULIO: Triago disagrees.
Inclined”, Triago? “Supportive”? As straight as that?
No deemery to wrap it round?
TRIAGO: Aye, deemèd, perchance — I pray just such indulgence
To vouchsafe avoidance of some doubt.
QUEEN: Doubt, Triago?
TRIAGO: I’ll think of something, Majesty.

Büchstein, Die Schweizer Heulsuse

/diːməri/ (n.)
(Also Demnation /dəmˈneɪʃn/)

The technical skill and art of deeming; of construing one thing as distinct from something else, where in common terms they appear to be the same, or as the same, where they appear to be different. To mess around with the ontological order of the semantic universe; the practice of skewing hermeneutic space-tedium into another dimension, especially in a gratuitous fashion or in order to confusion the laiety.

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