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2014 ISDA Credit Derivatives Definitions
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Section 3.2 Deliverable Obligation. “Deliverable Obligation” means:
(a) any obligation of the Reference Entity (either directly or as provider of a Relevant Guarantee) determined pursuant to the method described in Section 3.14 (Method for Determining Deliverable Obligations);
(b) the Reference Obligation;
(c) solely in relation to a Restructuring Credit Event applicable to a Reference Entity which is a Sovereign, and unless Asset Package Delivery is applicable, any Sovereign Restructured Deliverable Obligation; and
(d) if Asset Package Delivery is applicable, any Prior Deliverable Obligation (if “Financial Reference Entity Terms” is specified as applicable in the related Confirmation) or any Package Observable Bond (if the Reference Entity is a Sovereign),
in each case, (i) unless it is an Excluded Deliverable Obligation and (ii) provided that the obligation has an Outstanding Principal Balance or Due and Payable Amount that is greater than zero (determined for purposes of Section 3.2(d), immediately prior to the relevant Asset Package Credit Event).

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