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2016 ISDA VM NY CSA Anatomy

In a NutshellTM Section 6(b):

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2016 ISDA VM NY CSA full text of Section 6(b):

6(b) Eligibility to Hold Posted Collateral (VM); Custodians (VM).

6(b)(i) General. Subject to the satisfaction of any conditions specified in Paragraph 13 for holding Posted Collateral (VM), the Secured Party will be entitled to hold Posted Collateral (VM) or to appoint an agent (a “Custodian (VM)”) to hold Posted Collateral (VM) for the Secured Party. Upon notice by the Secured Party to the Pledgor of the appointment of a Custodian (VM), the Pledgor’s obligations to make any Transfer will be discharged by making the Transfer to that Custodian (VM). The holding of Posted Collateral (VM) by a Custodian (VM) will be deemed to be the holding of that Posted Collateral (VM) by the Secured Party for which the Custodian (VM) is acting.
6(b)(ii) Failure to Satisfy Conditions. If the Secured Party or its Custodian (VM) fails to satisfy any conditions for holding Posted Collateral (VM), then upon a demand made by the Pledgor, the Secured Party will, not later than five Local Business Days after the demand, Transfer or cause its Custodian (VM) to Transfer all Posted Collateral (VM) held by it to a Custodian (VM) that satisfies those conditions or to the Secured Party if it satisfies those conditions.
6(b)(iii) Liability. The Secured Party will be liable for the acts or omissions of its Custodian (VM) to the same extent that the Secured Party would be liable hereunder for its own acts or omissions.

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