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2002 ISDA Equity Derivatives Definitions
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Section 12.1(a) in a Nutshell

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Section 12.1. General Provisions Relating to Extraordinary Events

12.1(a). “Extraordinary Event
12.1(b). “Merger Event
12.1(c). “Merger Date
12.1(d). “Tender Offer
12.1(e). “Tender Offer Date
12.1(f). “Share-for-Share
12.1(g). “Share-for-Other
12.1(h). “Share-for-Combined
12.1(i). “New Shares
12.1(j). “Other Consideration
12.1(k). “Combined Consideration
12.1(l). “Announcement Date
12.1(m). “Implied Volatility
12.1(n). “Affected Shares


Break these “Extraordinary Events” into four categories:


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  1. especially since there is already an “Insolvency” event covering most of this).