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J. M. F. “Jack” Biggs, 3rd Viscount of Canning Town (1933-2007) was a British financial naturalist. Deeply influenced by pioneering Channel Islands botanist Ichabod Mourant, Biggs came to national prominence when he derived the “Biggs constant” from a set of equations discovered amongst Mourant’s papers when the great man died in 1958. Biggs used the equations to calculate the smallest possible size for a forensically significant jurisprudential particle.

Later that same year, when experimenting on a “Boats” repackaging in his laboratory in Cabot Square, he used Biggs constant to generate a live example of this particle, which he called the “Biggs hoson”. Though impressed with tremendous gravity when it appeared, the particle quickly decayed into an object of infinitesimal mass but tremendous, enduring levity.

In recognition of his efforts, Biggs was awarded inhouse legal personality of the year, 1998.

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