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A word about credit risk mitigation

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Equitable security: Chargefixedfloating | ABWOS | Equitable lien
Credit risk mitigation: Title transfer | Guarantee | Letter of credit | Netting
Friends and relations: Rehypothecation | Equivalent
Documents: 1994 ISDA CSA (NY law) | 1995 ISDA CSA | 1995 ISDA CSD (English law)
Regulation: LPA 1925 | Financial Collateral Regulations | LPMPA 1994

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An old fashioned form of credit support. A bank writes an unconditional letter promising to pay a (usually large) sum on money on demand and without argument to a third party on behalf of a client. This gets small companies a bit of breathing space with trade creditors. Banks charge through the nose for them: they are a form of committed funding.

Lots of formal rules and legal form-obeisance.

Often talked about, seldom seen, as credit support for a 2010 GMSLA

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