Please consider the environment before printing this email

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Really? Must you?

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Despite superficial similarities, this type of virtue signalling is not from the same school that brings you the “please consider the environment and, coincidentally, our massive laundry bill — by reusing filthy towels”.

It is waffle — sanctimonious waffle at that — from functionaries who must themselves believe it sensible to print all emails they receive (for why else would they be cautioning others not to?) and for whom the clinching argument in fending off the temptation to do so is the damage it will do to the environment — rather than the utter pointlessness of the act.

Who, in this day and age, routinely prints out emails?

In any case, why prioritise the environment? What about all the underemployed pulp and paper manufacturers, toner salespeople and printer technicians whose livelihoods might benefit if you do?

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