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ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever

Jason Fried

Original review: 6 March 2012

Much of ReWork is memorialised common sense — but that kind of common sense that gets glossed over every hour of every day in every organisation in the world. Common sense that needs memorialising.

Jason Fried writes in a brutal, economical style, consistent with its underlying message: everything is overcomplicated.

Simplify, simplify, simplify: a message that falls on dear ears in the legal community.

For those of us fitfully dreaming of pulling the rip cord on the corporate treadmill — let’s face it: in these miserable times, we are the many, not the few — Rework might be just the firm push between the shoulder blades we need.

It is funny, too, and incisive, and quotable. My favourite zinger:

Policies are organisational scar tissue. They are codified over-reactions to situations that are unlikely to happen again”.

Beautiful: and so true, says your correspondent from Legal.

You’ll be through it in a day, but you’ll read it again.

Excellent stuff.

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