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An expression confected by well-meaning management consultants as a way of saying “speak to” while conveying an insincere tone of compassion and self-sacrifice on the part of the person uttering it, as if the act of “reaching out” will magically gladden the reachee’s working day, and not compound her already significant existential despair:

“I will reach out to relevant team to complete the action points, prepare a final change impact document, seek approval from entity responsible officer. From there, we’ll execute the task list. I will keep this group posted on the development.”[1]

Users of this expression should tread carefully, as one can over-extend the metaphor. An unfortunate lady managing director in New York once offered to “reach around” a group of operations personnel in London, and was surprised with the enthusiasm with which her offer was taken up.

Dismaying variations:


  1. This is a real, unedited, example. No art could imitate life that exquisitely.