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Reg Margin yesterday.

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Saxon warlord and one of the so-called “First Men”, a canny band of survivors of the “Salo-men” — mercenary soldiers loosely aligned to the ancient city of Salomoné — on the site of modern day Villebanque, between the Tigris and the Euphrates — who, on a routine patrol of the wild Bretton Woods came across a ruined settlement — evidence of a now-vanished civilisation of child-like faeries — the Synthæse, or “Children of the Woods”. After the predictable argument, followed by even more predictable drunken hand-to-hand combat in which all but two of the Salomen were killed, these two — Margin and his Romanian equerry, Vlad Paripasu — suddenly grasped these eternal verities and — isn’t it the way with mortal men? — thoroughly bastardised them.

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