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The service delivery person in her natural environment

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If the operations division were Animal Farm, the service delivery team would be Boxer the cart-horse.

To be contrasted with those magnificent philosopher kings of operations, the service line (Napoleon and Squealer) — men and women who know both the price and value of nothing — the poor benighted souls in the service delivery unit are the subject matter experts who know what they are doing, make the firm tick, struggle heroically each day to prevent the firm’s trade capture and reconciliation systems falling over, make flesh the otherworldly ideas of their service line superiors in return for commensurate prospects of compensation and continuity in their employment — that is to say, little, seeing as one of the service line’s dearest fantasies is to do away with service delivery through the frail mortal agency of human beings, and to use technology — or failing that, displaced farm-workers in the Philippines — to do it. Yes: chatbots.

Service delivery people have thus two principle means of progression in the organisation: either they metamorphose into service line public intellectuals (tag line: “four legs good, two legs better!”), so up; or they go feet-first in a cardboard box into the knacker’s wagon and direct to the glue factory, so out.

Delivery of legal services

The extent to which one can, or at any rate should, apply this grim operational caste to the solicitor’s sacred professional calling of considering her client’s plight, and advising her client what to do about it, is a fit one for a whole article. So we shall just have to write one.

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