Spank Wagon

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Part of the JC’s pop songs and the law™ series
Spank Wagon by Wesley Willis
(Enjoy the lyrics, at your own risk, here)

We will let Wesley Willis’s lyrics speak for themselves because, frankly, no-one else in their right mind will:

The rock show was over at last
A lot of people met the band
The rock show was awesome
It was the whooping on a horse's ass
Spank Wagon
Spank Wagon
Spank Wagon
Spank Wagon
Rock over London
Rock on Chicago
Equitable, its the power of tomorrow

If you have the first clue what this means you are more insightful connoisseur of rock 'n' roll — and for that matter the English language — than the JC. As for that cheeky — for which, read “random” — reference to “equitable” as the “power of tomorrow” well — search me.

Now, friends: “Equitable” isn’t even a noun. It is hard to see how an adjective could be the power of tomorrow.

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