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2002 ISDA Master Agreement

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Termination Rate in a Nutshell

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Termination Rate in all its glory

Termination Rate” means a rate per annum equal to the arithmetic mean of the cost (without proof or evidence of any actual cost) to each party (as certified by such party) if it were to fund or of funding such amounts.

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Just one of the four different defined terms relating to interest rate determinations in the ISDA Master Agreement. The weren’t going to leave anything to chance, those ninjas.



Ballast, in a word: Termination Rate is an expression which features but once in the ISDA Master Agreement — it is the fallback interest rate to apply to Early Termination Amounts, when all other methods haven’t worked, to accrue interest between determination and payment — and which, as you’ll see, amounts to the party’s own cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die-but-I’m-still-not-going-to-justify-it cost of borrowing in the market.

Which scarcely would deserve a definition even if it was used repeatedly through the whole agreement.

In any case, since on your own theory of the game, your counterparty is almost certainly a dead parrot at this point, spending too much time agonising about how much interest you can claim from it on a Close-out Amount you are not going to get paid in any case is hardly one of the better uses of its — or your, for that matter — remaining time on this mortal coil.

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