The Man from Dundee

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Myths and legends of the market
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Like the reasonable man, the economic man, the officious bystander, we were recently introduced by Comedian Sarah Pascoe[1] to another mythical archetype: the non-existent witty heckler, a “very erudite man from Dundee”.

The thing, this is not a mythical person. The JC knows him. Like the equally non-mythical “Amateur Skateboarder from Durban”, he is a frequent correspondent. It is an exchange that has greatly enriched the JC. They both have.

Since you are meant to write epic poems about such people, let us do so.

Now, in what style does one serenade an “erudite man from Dundee?” Well, there’s only one answer to that isn’t there.

An erudite man from Dundee
Would periodically read a decree
Of the kind that’s extinct in
The pages of LinkedIn:
A treasure whose pleasure is free.

Oh, and the Skateboarder, who is actually from Cape Town, which is a pity.

An Amateur Skateboarder from Durban
With a yen for the fashionably urban
Took a slide on a rail
Now she’s found without fail
Slugging disprin and measures of bourbon.

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