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One writes “thx” if one wants to show an amount of gratitude, but only a small one: not so generous that it warrants being bothered to type all six letters of the word “thanks”, or even setting up an autocorrect so Microsoft can do it for you. If co-ordinated with a generously populated cc: line in a reply-all mail, thx has the potential to vaguely irritate a lot of busy people at once.

Often used when adding.

Sent: 24 December 2018, 12:30
From: Kaye (Operations)
To: Already large distribution (irritated)
CC: Already large distribution (exasperated because it wasn't even relevant to them in the first place); Bob; Chip; Chuck;
Re: Fw: RE: Re: RE: Antwort: Re: RE Re: Interminable rambling chain that dates back to 2010
Adding @Chip, @Bob and @Chuck. Can you pls opine?