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Calder, at formal ease.
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A dour Glaswegian botanist[1] and songwriter[2], and the other founding partner of Maples and Calder, A. J. N. “Egg” Calder, also noted for his unfortunate gift for unwitting double entendres, Calder is nonetheless not nearly so interesting as either the ex-Chocolatier Maple brothers, nor their longtime cake-baking collaborator George Robert Maguire Ugland, who between them all but created the world of high finance that we all associate with the Cayman Islands these days.

The naturalist boarded the Die Fliegenden Dudelsäcke bound, so he thought, for the Galapagos. Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding the Dudelsäcke was in fact a whaler bound for Nantucket, a fact which “Egg” only uncovered as the ketch rounded the hook of Holland and pushed out westward into the Channel. Calder demanded that he be brought off immediately, but the skipper, equally fond of the double entendre, did not take him literally, assumed this to be the usual salty talk you expect from sailors at the start of a long journey, and carried on towards Greenland.


  1. discovered the common Cayman espievie.
  2. Tortugan Farewell, among others.