Maple brothers

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The culture and history of the Cayman Islands
Godfrey Maple.png
Godfrey Maple. (von Sachsen-Rampton, 1890)
Maginot Maple.png
Maginot Maple. (von Sachsen-Rampton, 1890)
A JC special apocryphal exposition
Important disclaimer: The author has never been to the Cayman Islands, and he’s hardly going to get an invitation now. There is, therefore, much fantastical speculation in this article and you should assume it is, at the very least, mostly false.

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Twin brothers Godfrey de Frou-Frou Maple and Maginot de Vere Maple were Parisian chocolatiers — they were the proprietors of the eponymous Maple, Maple et Cie, a notorious hangout for dissolute Parisiennes in the roaring Twenties — until they were shipwrecked on the coast of Grand Cayman in Die Fliegenden Dudelsäcke in 1891 — an ordeal during which they first encountered Romilar freak George Robert Maguire Ugland, with whom they would forge a lasting and fruitful relationship. The brothers gave the cocoa bean away — Ugland took a little longer — and established themselves in then scarcely populated islands as attorneys, advising on the financing behind the construction of the Tortuga Rum Company and the Tortuga Cayman Islands Rum Cake Co., Inc.

One thing led to another and before you knew it they were world-leading structured finance lawyers.

Their firm, Maple, Maple et Cie merged with arch-rival A. J. N. Calder in 1941 to found Maples and Calder.