As the case may be

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Towards more picturesque speech
Before he became famous, known to all as As the case may be Hudson

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The actual number of flannels you may from time to time have, which may be one or more flannels, or indeed no flannels whatsoever, as the case may be. That’s as may be, as the case may be, as it were, but there is a theory, articulated by the learned drafters of AIFMD, among others, that / is a synonym for as the case may be.

One can inject pedantry into pedantry. This is a little bit like unfolding a three dimensional shape into four dimensions. It opens up a world where lawyers can cover all parts of her posterior — including ones that it would be impossible to see in normal, un-warped three-dimensional spacetime at the same time.

“As the case may, for the time (which time shall, for the avoidance of doubt of any type, kind of variety, be deemed to be of the essence) being, without limitation and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the forgoing contained, be”.

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