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A word about credit risk mitigation

Legal security: MortgagePledgeLienBailment
Equitable security: Chargefixedfloating | ABWOS | Equitable lien
Credit risk mitigation: Title transfer | Guarantee | Letter of credit | Netting
Friends and relations: Rehypothecation | Equivalent
Documents: 1994 ISDA CSA (NY law) | 1995 ISDA CSA | 1995 ISDA CSD (English law)
Regulation: LPA 1925 | Financial Collateral Regulations | LPMPA 1994

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In a bailment, the bailee is the one who takes possession of the bailed chattel from the bailor, who owns it. When you take the Disco in for its MOT you are the bailor, and that smug bastard who finds something wrong with the CV boots[1] or minor wear in the inside front left disc break - that's the bailee.

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  1. Whatever the hell they are.