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Conference Call Anatomy

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Push communication: information sent unasked — pushed — to a recipient. Push communications are used to communicate interesting, important, or time-sensitive announcements that must be communicated immediately and directly. Email blasts, posters and digital billboards, push notifications (digital alerts sent from a mobile app), SMS, and voicemails are all examples of push communications. Also, a conference call, unless you are the convenor (in which case it is a pull communication).

Pull communication: information that is accessible to a recipient when the recipient wants it, on the recipient’s terms. A pull tool is (fnarr fnarr) — ahh, self-service — open, convenient, non-time-sensitive, generally interesting information. The JC is, largely, one giant, existential infernal howl of angst in the shape of a pull communication. It is designed to be a resource for people in a moment of interest or need.

Communication of change

Communication of change is a push communication. But, we think, generally an ill-advised one.

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