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The Legal Council have been playing with MS Paint.

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Every legal organisation has to have its own in-house band, and, resisting the temptation to call it the Legal Council, we called ours Dangerboy. We even got the gang together to record an album!

Flat Five, Dangerboy’s first album, recorded at Tramontana Studios in Bermuda, and mixed in the cloud, features:

Hunter Barkley - Vocals
Donoghue V. Stevenson - Bass
Mac Anderson - Drums
Future B Criswell - Theremin, Backing Vocals
Jackie Thunder - Guitars
E. R. Guinn - Hoovers, tape effects, Piano, Electric Piano, Mellotron

If you want Dangerboy headlining your festival — and who doesn’t? — Please be advised that M&Ms must be supplied in the green room with absolutely no brown ones.

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