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Erstwhile derivatives structuring genius (he invented both credibility derivatives and discredit swaps) and later, in his bid to cleanse himself of a lifetime of tedium became the worst-selling author of The Montenegro Sanction, but he’s a chum of (ummm well, is) the Jolly Contrarian so we won’t hear a word said against the talentless, self-aggrandizing twat in these pages.

We will review The Montenegro Sanction when we are confident we can stomach the required chutzpah. That is, probably never. In the meantime some paid[1] stooges have done so on Amazon.

The long-unawaited follow-up, to The Montenegro Sanction is provisionally entitled The ISDA Protocol. This title came courtesy of our patented[2] Robert Ludlum thriller title generator may or may not ever see the light of day, but if it does will involve espievies, discredit derivatives, credibility derivatives, other diverse financial weapons of mass destruction, and the crucial plot twist is going to involve close-out netting. Sizzling, and liable to kick-start its own new literary genre, finance fiction.

Barkley also devised the dashing hero, Opco Boone, Eagle Squad Commander and. later in life, became good friends and sometime collaborator with pioneering Fi-Fi filmmaker Muriel Repartee, whose MiFID 2: Reloaded Barkley scripted.

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  1. Not paid, but they did owe me a favour.
  2. Not patented.